Welcome to our Store!

Here you will find Incremental packages that offer different Quality of Life, Additions and Extras! With the continued support and great quality of servers that we deliver.

All purchases and donations go straight back to the community and helps support the upkeep of our servers, Giveaways and more! It also helps us expand to other great games and deliver the same quality.

We are always looking to improve as a community and to become a place where all like-minded and great individuals can thrive, have fun and enjoy themselves in as many ways as possible!

Our "Rank" Packages are for all of our Minecraft servers that we host for 1 month increment payments.

This means that when you purchase one of our packages, it will be given to you on all of our currently hosted servers for 1 month. You can either purchase a package as a one-off payment or for a recurring amount of time.

When you purchase a package, it will ask for your "Discord ID" this is not your username, however its a unique ID assigned only to you. To enable this, go to your Discord settings > Advanced > Enable Developer Mode. After this step has been completed you should then be able to right click your profile and Copy ID.


The donations are used for server expenses to keep the server running 24/7

All donations are final and are used to achieve goals within the server. None of the donations are used for personal gain. So, no refund is possible. You understand this by purchasing or donating to the server and forfeit any PayPal dispute.

By donating to the server, you automatically agree with our donation agreements and all payments are final at the point of purchase. You can not get any refunds for purchases once delivered.